Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Two Hearts

Was there yelling sometimes? Of Course
Did everything go according to each other’s plan? Not always
Were there many happy moments in our household? Absolutely
Could you tell they loved each other? Yep
This poem is for the two of you.


Two hearts so full of love for their God, Jesus.
Two hearts so full of love for others.
Two hearts so full of love for each other.
Two hearts that pray for us.
Two hearts living out whatever God leads
them to do each and every day.
Two hearts that love each other even when it’s not easy.
Two hearts that inspire us to love more.
Two hearts that complement each other’s strengths.
Two hearts that readily forgive.
Two hearts so big it’s a wonder how those hearts 
fit into two people.
Two hearts I am so privileged to know and be known by.
Two hearts filled by God, reflecting His love to us all.
Two hearts of integrity, wisdom, and
strength of character.
Two hearts that often beat as one.
Two hearts that I am so honored to be able to call
Dad and Mom.

Happy 65th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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