Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's Not All Wedded Bliss

38 years of marriage is a great feat nowadays. Throw mental illness into your family dynamic and getting married at a young age and statistics say we were doomed from the start. We can’t take credit for our success in staying together. But we can give you a few pointers whether you have mental illness in your family or not. It’s all stuff you know and have heard before, but maybe has a slightly different twist on it or you haven’t thought about working on your marriage in a while.
Here goes it:

1.  When it’s tough always see and remember the best version of your spouse. Remember the good stuff instead of the bad.
2.  When it looks like your unappreciated and forgotten go the extra mile to do something (anything) for your spouse. Write them a love note, send them an “I love you” text, pick up some flowers, make or buy a favorite dessert, or give them a hug just because. Do this in good times and in bad and don’t expect them to reciprocate or even receive this gesture very well.
3.  Always pray with and for your spouse. (If your spouse doesn’t want to pray with you, you can still pray for them.)
4.  Stay in God’s word every day. Even if it’s one verse.
5.  Never gossip about your spouse. (This is especially hard for the ladies.) Better yet, brag about them.
6.  Seek professional help if you harbor anger, resentment, or have unresolved conflict. Encourage your spouse to do the same if they are open to it.
7.  Know their love language and apply it to your relationship with them. 
8.  Date your spouse.
9.  If you don’t have shared interests find them. It could be a hobby, volunteering, or even working on a house project together. 
10. Lastly, let Christ permeate every area of your life. That’s the best way to keep your marriage in the wedded bliss category.

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